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Join Us / Why Join?

By joining our network, you will benefit from various services including:

1. Scientific and Reliable Data:

Staff at NCPNN member hospitals receives extensive training that ensures an accurate data collection. Continuous auditing and cleaning of data at the coordination center further ensures thequality of the data produced. The NCPNN Network hospitals also benefit from an accurate data collection and analysis by specialized and qualified personnel.

2. Quality Improvement Tools:

The NCPNN provides its members with tools that will allow quality improvement at 2 levels:

  • Intra-hospital Level:

NCPNN provides its members with individual confidential reports with yearly statistics and analysis on the yearly performance. This will enable members to compare their own indicators across the years.

  • Inter-hospital Level:

NCPNN provides its members with a general annual report which allows you to compare your hospital patient characteristics, treatment practices, morbidity and mortality indicators, and other significant data to the rest of the network i.e. benchmarking for Quality Improvement and internal audit.

  • Online full access of statistical reports to all network members at both the intra and inter- hospital levels.

Such tools will be crucial for:

  • Improvement in hospital services and physicians’ practices.
  • Better documentation of medical charts.
  • Facilitation to reach accreditation standards.

3. Collaboration and Networking:

  • The network provides its members with the opportunity to participate in collaborative multi-center projects. As such, several member hospitals would be able to engage in research projects and study specific indicators so as to evaluate their health care status as compared to each other and improve their maternal and neonatal care accordingly.
  • Regular investigators’ meetings keep members informed of the entire Network’s projects and activities; provide them with the opportunity to suggest areas of interest for future research projects, and allow them to discuss trends in care and issues in Neonatology and Perinatal Health.
  • The Network’s meeting provides an opportunity for health professionals from member institutions to engage in an open discussion of topics, updates on network projects, and plans for future projects by nationally recognized experts on topics of interest to Network members.