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Program Objectives:

The overall objectives of the Health day campaigns will be to raise awareness of the importance of the preconception care and the healthy behaviors for young women before and throughout their pregnancy.
The information provided at the campaigns will be in Arabic. It will focus on proper nutrition and exercise; regular consumption of vitamins with folic acid; knowledge of family history; keeping up to date on vaccinations; avoidance of tobacco, alcohol, and abuse of other substances.

Target Population:

Health Day campaign will be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and Lebanese Society of Obstetricians and gynecologists (LSOG). Tentative date is set in October 2013. It will primarily target women of childbearing age from all selected Lebanese provinces.

Media access:

The message should be provided in a clear and concise manner. A broad range of media along with social media will be used to reach the maximum number of the target audience.

Invitations - Publicity:

Invitation letters will first be sent on behalf of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) to selected Lebanese provinces. The letters will state the objectives of the project and define the targeted population along with the health day agenda. These letters will also indicate that the NCPNN will coordinate the campaign.

NCPNN will then send letters to the villagesí mayors with reference to the above letter.

Community outreach and further promotion of the campaign will be conducted via the distribution and posting of flyers and posters all over community settings in each of the provinces as well as community partnerships.

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